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1. You can't take your dearest friend his pleasure away, which makes his collar look like this after every walk ....

2. After your four-legged friend has been rinsed himself (and is drying up in one of our bathrobes), also rinse the collar under COLD water immediately after the walk. DO NOT rub against each other or use a scrubbingpad !! Use a mild detergent if necessary. If you deal with it directly, detergent is usually not even necessary.

3. Place your rinsed collar (or leash, ...) in a towel and pat it more or less dry. Again... DO NOT SCRUB.

4. Hang the dried accessory for further drying. In a heated room it will be dry the next day to get out (clean) again!

5. Dried up and as good as new. Ready for new stylish adventures!

With the 'golden rule' above you should get all our accessories clean after a muddy walk. This is the best way for both the products and our environment. As already said in rule 2 .... do not wait until the dirt has all dried up. A walk with a long cardrive afterwards? For safety, take a bottle of water with you ... if your dog has started rolling in the mud, you can afterwards flush out the worst before it all dries up on the way home. That way you and your four-legged friend can enjoy all our hip accessories for the longest time.

Still not clean after a rinse? All our accessories survive in the washing machine. Keep in mind that colors in the washing machine fade faster, especially with the rougher fabrics (Forest, Anton and Jungle). So wash them as cold as possible (certainly not above 30) and with a mild detergent. However, I advise you to ensure that you can avoid this as much as possible by rinsing in time after a muddy walk.


Do you have one of our nice bandanas? Super!! But think about taking it off before your dog starts playing a game with his friends or rolling a game in the local mud pool. The bandanas are also washable in the above way (think of the environment) or in the washing machine. But sometimes it's just better to prevent than to cure. Because all that washing isn't that fun either. ;-)


Bathrobes can of course simply be put in the washing machine every time (at 30 °).

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