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Stylish dog bathrobes

You know this situation: a nice walk, but your dog has made a splash in some pond or mud pool. Then you get back to your car, and that wet, dirty friend also has to get back into the car. Damn! Well... our hip dog bathrobe is THE solution to prevent your entire car from being covered in wet mud splashes when your dog shakes it off. It is nice and warm and in the meantime also dries up the coat of your dog a bit. All the moisture and dirt in the bathrobe instead of in the car. Also very handy if you want to go for a drink after a walk or training with your dog. Or when you are on holiday and you do have to bring your dog in the hotel after a swim or rain shower? Simply put on the bathrobe and the hotel manager will be grateful! On top of that: with The Furry Crew bathrobe, your dog will look stylish too!

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

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