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W started with The Furry Crew with the idea that we could also put shelter dogs in the spotlight by visiting the shelter on a regular basis, putting the dogs in a new outfit, taking some pictures and then putting them in the spotlight on social media. A good idea (I thought myself) that already was in my head before The Furry Crew even existed, and that actually also provided the name 'The Furry Crew'. Now that whole idea was really fun to do, but also time-consuming for the people in the shelter and for myself. And since many shelters themselves already have their own social media and website, it may be a time commitment that can be filled in better. Of course we still find the fate of shelter animals just as important and we would therefore like to refer you to the animal shelter of Sint-Truiden, where you can admire all the shelter animals on the website and maybe one (or more) may find it's forever home. All the volunteers are doing great work over there! And our support for shelter dogs is still there, but in a different way. Are you or do you know someone that organizes a charity event? We are happy to come with The Furry Crew, where part of the profits will go to the organization.


From now on, we will support charity with our webshop as well! Since our 'models' page has disappears, it gave us some extra space in our menu bar. A space we want to devote to Gaia's campaign 'Puppy Mills: Business without animal love'. We will - as the title says - donate 10% of the profits from the webshop to this campaign.

And let's hope that someday my dream comes true ... The whole Puppy Mill business GONE. No more PuppyMill-sufferings in the world, and then maybe also a more dog-friendly society. If my whole picture is correct, then it automatically results in much fewer shelter dogs. So, the source of all misery, the Puppy Mills, they really should be stopped urgently. And not just the one's importing Eastern European puppies. Also the one that are doing it right under your nose.

Indeed, not every puppy from such a "breeder" gets sick or dies. But don't be short-sighted, and think about that mother dog ... or else take a look over here to see what a wonderful life she has ...


That's why we support the 'Puppy Mills: Business without animal love' campaign of Gaia.

The more support this campaign receives, the more lawsuits they can win, the more Puppy Mills have to close their doors, the more they can bring the problem to the attention, in short, the better the world becomes for the dogs.


So win-win, your four-legged friend in the new outfit and at the same time that little bit of extra help to get rid of the Puppy Mills.


"It's lonely here in prison, I dream of sun, of fields,

I saw them from a window once, but I don't know how they feel.

I've never known a caress, a friend, a bone, a toy, I'd happily companion, a human girl or boy.

But some men have decided, with selfishness and greed, that my fate shall be a cage, and for my keep, I'll breed.

What should fuel this folly? My kind may bark in vain. We care not for your commerce, and few know of our pain.

We're hidden well from justice, for our freedom same may cry. God grant me, please, just one request

- Let me play once before I die."

- Jim Willis

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